Steady for Video Producers (EN – Gaming)


Predictable revenue without unpredictable algorithms.

A membership program connects you more closely with your most loyal fans, offering you a reliable income and freeing you from the algorithm’s grasp.

Reasons for Going Steady

You stay in control: Become independent! Steady gives you an additional source of income and the chance to work without advertisers’ demands. You can communicate directly with your members and get a detailed account summary every month.

A bigger piece of the pie: Other platforms keep up to 50% of your membership revenue. Not Steady: Our fee is 10% + transaction costs, but only once you start earning money. No hidden fees.

We’re not jealous: Steady doesn’t need to be your only source of income. Diversify your revenue streams: A membership program works great with sponsorships, ads and other types of monetization.

These friendly YouTubers trust Steady

NerdOver: More than 100 members already support the gaming channel Nerdwand with almost €600 each month. This allows their team to be compensated for their valuable work. View NerdOver’s Steady page.

Greg’s RPG HeaveN: Greg produces videos, podcasts and reports on old and new video games. Steady gives him the freedom to test new projects. View Greg’s Steady page.

All the Features You Need

  • Steady is a YouTube-approved crowdfunding site. So you can easily link to your Steady page with info cards or in the credits.
  • Exclusive content? Of course. Whether that’s video previews, secret podcast episodes or links to bonus content – everything is included.
  • Set up your project the way you want. All integrations, plan features and member info is included. Our quick-as-lightning support team in Berlin is always happy to help you with setting up your individual Steady project.

Don’t put it off

Yes, your work is worth it

Plenty of Steady publishers were hesitant to ask their fans for support at first – but now they’re beyond happy they did it.

It only takes ten minutes

Many successful Steady publishers put off getting started. So they were very surprised to find that the setup takes just 10 minutes.

Change nothing

37% of Steady’s top 50 publishers don’t offer any additional benefits. Their community simply wants to support them. Anything extra is a bonus.

Do the math. Find out how much you could make with memberships: Use the Steady calculator.

Ready? Welcome Your First Member Today

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