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The future for independent media and journalists

Memberships enable media makers to remain independent and earn more for their work. Members support media sustainably. They are more loyal and committed than subscribers and they liberate media.

Reasons for Going Steady

You have the freedom: Work independent of advertising revenue and the fight for reach! Steady opens up an additional source of income, making you less reliant on advertising partners and enabling you to communicate directly with your members.

No ups and downs: You earn reliable, recurring revenue because your members are loyal and engaged. We’ll send you a detailed account summary every month, giving you the stability you need to plan ahead.

Your members trust you: A membership program helps build deeper connections between you and your community. You give the people who appreciate your work the chance to support you with money, time, expertise or ideas. This forges stronger bonds and builds trust.

Together for an independent media landscape

Memberships are for everyone who cares about independent media. Members support publications and personalities, not because they have to, but because they want to – because they believe in their work. This is all the more important in times when many media rely on conflict and clickbait, gambling away their audience’s trust. With a membership model, publishers gain greater connection with their community, laying the foundation for a strong independent media landscape.

These Publishers Have Found Success With Steady

Krautreporter: More than 12,000 members support this investigative online magazine. Thanks to them, the Krautreporter team can deliver independent and ad-free journalism every day. View Steady page.

Inclusiv: The team at Inclusiv team built Romania’s first member-funded online magazine with the support of almost 2,000 members. Inclusiv earns almost €9,000 per month. View Steady page.

Politicsweb: This news site publishes critical commentary and analysis on South African politics. Thanks to more than 600 members, Politicsweb can carry out this work independently. View Steady page.

All the Features You Need

  • Promote your membership program directly on your website with Steady’s floating button and adblock detection. You can even set up a checkout so people can sign up for membership without leaving your website.
  • Exclusive content? Of course. Whether that’s video previews, secret podcast episodes or links to bonus content – everything is included.
  • Set up your project the way you want. All integrations, plan features and member info is included. Even if you want to turn your membership program up to 11, with Steady you don’t have to pay extra for anything.

Interesting Articles and Useful Resources

On our Steady Launchpad we share everything we know about memberships – and the stuff we’re only just beginning to understand, as well. Here are three articles for you:

Don’t put it off

Yes, your work is worth it

Plenty of Steady publishers were hesitant to ask their fans for support at first – but now they’re beyond happy they did it.

It only takes ten minutes

Many successful Steady publishers put off getting started. So they were very surprised to find that the setup takes just ten minutes.

Change nothing

37% of Steady’s top 50 publishers don’t offer any additional benefits. Their community simply wants to support them. Anything extra is a bonus.

Do the math. Find out how much you could make with memberships: Use the Steady calculator.


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