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Your podcast is a labour of love

You connect intimately with your listeners to inform, engage, enthrall and inspire. But creating your podcast takes time and effort and your time is valuable. Your work is valuable, too.

Memberships are about connecting with your community and asking your listeners to come on board. Let them join and support you on your mission, so you can continue doing what you love – and make it even better.

We want to kick-start your membership program with our Membership Fund – because good work deserves more than a like.


The Membership Fund is dedicated to podcasters who want to go community-funded with their very own membership program. As a recipient of the fund, you will get a funding boost, consulting and support.

Receive a funding boost of up to £100,000 as we’ll match your first months’ payout, pound for pound.

Enjoy expert consulting from media industry professionals and personal guidance from our Membership Consultants on every step of your way to success.

Benefit from access to our team of copywriters, marketing specialists, designers and tech gurus to make your membership program come to life.


Go community-funded
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Double your revenue
It’s payday! Steady will match your first payout pound for pound, doubling your revenue and enabling a sustainable future for your podcast.


Who uses Steady for memberships?

The Pod (Germany)

An independent gaming journalism podcast with more than 3,000 paying members.

Louie Media (France)

A network of narrative-form podcasts on the order of things as they exist and how they could be transformed.

Black History Buff (UK)

A podcast exploring amazing hidden stories from and expanding our knowledge of black history.

What is Steady?

Why we do what we do

At Steady, we enable people to directly support the projects they can’t do without, from magazines to podcasts, videos to visual artists. More than 80,000 members support Steady projects and we’re growing every day. Find out more about us.


Enable your community to support you sustainably through memberships. Gain creative and financial independence. Are you ready to go community-funded?