Podcasting that pays

Listener funding is quickly becoming a proven model for enabling podcasters to stay independent while generating reliable income from their work.

So how does it work, how much can you earn, and are your listeners really willing to pay for your podcast?

In this eight-part series, we’ll bust the myths surrounding podcast monetization, so you can get out of your wardrobe and into paid self-employment. Because your work deserves more than a like.

Manuel Kronenberg
Copywriter and Communications Specialist

A small overview of upcoming topics can be found below.

Our promise to you: By the end of this series you will understand exactly what listener funding is all about and how you can best use this model for your own podcast.

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    Content Overview

    1. Your listeners can help you earn money from podcasting – here’s how
      You deserve to earn money for your work – and your listeners already know it
    1. How to tell if your listeners are ready to support you
      There are a handful of sure-fire ways to assess whether your community is ready and willing to help fund your work.
    1. How to build a loyal listener community
      It’s easy to strengthen your bond with your listeners, and it certainly pays off.
    1. How much can you expect to earn through listener funding?
      Use our quick rule of thumb to calculate your projected earnings.
    1. Can you combine listener funding with other revenue streams?
      Some podcasters benefit from having a range of revenue streams, from listener funding to ads and sponsorships.
    1. Turning your side-hustle into a full-time job
      How to know when you’re ready to make the leap into full-time work on your passion project.
    1. Why it can be uncomfortable to ask for money (and why it shouldn’t be)
      You want to keep doing what you love, but that comes at a cost. Strategies for approaching the subject of money with confidence.
    1. You don’t have to do this alone
      How podcasters are using membership platforms like Steady to earn money from podcasting with ease.