How much can you earn through memberships?

At Steady we often meet publishers who have amassed a large community but still believe their community won’t be willing to pay for their content. But that is quite unlikely to be true: You’re doing great work, your community loves you for it – and they’d be willing to support you to keep up the great work.

Of course not all people in your community will sign up for membership – but that’s fine. You don’t need everyone to sign up. And you can even calculate roughly how much you will earn in advance.

A simple rule of thumb

We took a closer look at how much Steady publishers are earning. And we found that, on average, about five percent of your community will support you, and that each of your members will give about five euros a month.

So if you know the approximate size of your community, you can calculate how much you can earn from memberships using our handy calculator.

Learn more

In the Membership Guide of the Membership Puzzle Project and the Lenfest Institute, there is a very detailed chapter on how much you can earn.
When it comes to money and pricing, it is definitely worth talking to others about ideas and experiences. Why not take a look at our Independent Media Community.

“It helps to keep talking about money”

Minh Thu Tran from the podcast Rice and Shine talks about her experiences with her Steady membership program and why transparency is so important.

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