Formulate your mission statement

It’s time to think about the publications, magazines or podcasts that you find really convincing. What is it that captivates you and draws you in as a reader or listener? And what can you learn from that?

Sure, these publications offer compelling, entertaining, or very well researched content. But there’s probably a bit more to it: perhaps some shared political values, a well-defined position, a common passion or the personalities behind the publication.

Your mission statement in one sentence

Your community also has something in common that makes them tick. Your job is to find out what that is. Why? Because that one thing is what makes your community want to keep coming back to your publication, share your content and support you financially. What are you going to write on your banner?

Once you have found your unique selling point, formulate it into one concise sentence. This is your mission statement and it’s about to make your life a whole lot easier, because it will be your reference point when you communicate with your community and create content or merchandise.

On our blog you will find more helpful tips for getting to the heart of your own mission 🚀 – and you can discuss your questions and ideas in the corresponding thread in our Independent Media Community.

How other publishers communicate their mission

Social Europe: “Our mission is to strengthen democratic practice by contributing to public policy discussions addressing the most pressing political and economic issues of our time.”

gal-dem: “With your contribution we can shift cultural conversations to bring the perspectives of women and non-binary people of colour to the table.”

How whathappened wins members with a clear mission statement

Dimitri Choufatinski summarizes the mission of his newsletter whathappened as “an extremely quick overview of the most important news of the day – and we have no tolerance for gossip, local crime or otherwise unnecessary drama”.

In his guest article for Steady he explains what is behind his mission statement and how he manages to keep his newsletter neutral and free of advertising.

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