How to build a loyal community

If you already publish content, but still need to build your community, this step is for you. It will also be helpful if you want to expand your community or improve your relationships with them. Here’s how it’s done.

1. Collect email addresses

The goal here is to turn passive users into more committed community members. You can achieve this through direct contact and personal engagement. Email is a great way to get this done, by reaching the people who are already interested in your content.

With Steady’s floating button you can easily collect email addresses without having to start a membership program. If you would like to try it out, I would be happy to help you. Just hit reply!

2. Interact regularly and personally

With personalized emails, surveys and polls you can mobilize people from your community and help them feel closer to you. The more often someone interacts with you, the more likely they are to return to your publication.

Think about what kind of engagement suits you and your publication best – you’ll find useful tips on our blog. In our Independent Media Community you can also find inspiration from other publishers and discuss your ideas.

Learn more about community building

The member-funded online magazine Krautreporter has done a lot of research on how publishers build a sustainable relationship with their audience – see their results.

In the Harvard Business Review, Jeffrey Bussgang and Jono Bacon write about why community building is the order of the day and describe the seven key elements of strong communities.

Emily Goligoski and Stephanie Ho from the Membership Puzzle Project explain why your community will be happy to help you and list 25 jobs you can ask your community members to do for you. On our blog you will also find tips on how to involve your community in your work.

Unsure how to engage your community?

Join our Independent Media Community, where you will find curated guides for engaging your fans and other publishers ready to swap notes.

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