Membership benefits – what your can offer

For your community to really support you, you need to give them the opportunity to do so – by letting them know you’re offering memberships! 

Before you announce your membership program, it’s time to think about whether you have something extra to offer, to encourage your community to support you.

4 paths to the perfect membership program

Every membership program is different. Offering exclusive content, an ad-free website, shout-outs in podcasts or no benefits at all – all of these options can work. It just depends on what would suit your project best and what drives your community.

37% of Steady’s top 50 publishers don’t offer any benefits – their members simply support them because they want the project to continue.

These four membership models are the most common

Support: members want to ensure the continuation of the project (no benefits are offered)

Exclusive content: members pay to access exclusive content behind a hard or soft paywall

Access to the community: members want to gain a sense of belonging and exchange information within the community

Physical/digital benefits: Members receive merchandise, event invitations or gifts

Which strategy are you most likely to adopt? Once you’ve decided, here are some more ideas for benefits and tips on how to implement them.

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Once you’ve decided

Here are some more ideas for benefits and tips on how to implement them.  If you have questions or want to discuss something, you can do so in this thread in our Independent Media Community.

Offer exclusive livestreams

For many freelancers, authors and musicians, livestreams are an excellent way of staying in touch with their fans – and they can be an attractive benefit, too. Read on our blog how to offer exclusive livestreams.

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