What you can learn from successful Steady publishers

Do you also find it really motivating to hear inspiring stories from people who have achieved what you would like to achieve yourself? There are more than 600 publishers on Steady generating sustainable income right now. And many of them have shared their membership experiences with us. It’s time to get inspired!

The Pod team produces more than 20 podcasts a month. And the vast majority of those are offered exclusively to their more than 5,500 members. In this interview with Steady, the Pod co-founder André Peschke tells us why he believes this exclusivity is necessary and explains how to professionalize a podcast and get funded by your listeners.

The Romanian news site Inclusiv collected more than 100,000 euros in annual membership fees from more than 1,600 people – and that was before they launched their site! Co-founder Ștefan Mako describes in detail how he and his team pulled it off.

Frank Joung from Halbe Katoffl writes about how he overcame his initial membership doubts. Once he had his first members signed up, he was able to understand why his listeners paid for his podcast, even though they could listen to it for free.

Minh Thu Tran from the podcast Rice and Shine emphasizes how important it is for publishers to be transparent about how they plan to use their membership income.

And the newsletter whathappened – formerly theGrind – nailed its mission statement. Read Dimitri Choufatinski’s guest article about how he managed to keep his newsletter independent and free of advertising.

Ask Me Anything with André from The Pod

In our Independent Media Community, André Peschke from the gaming podcast The Pod has answered the questions of many independent publishers. For example: How do you find guests for your podcast? How do you build a loyal community? Just have a look.

By the way, you can view all the publications on Steady to see what other publishers are up to. And take a closer look at the Steady pages of Social EuropeGal-Dem or The Reykjavík Grapevine. How do they communicate their mission? What do they offer their members? And how do they promote their project? They offer virtually endless inspiration for starting your own membership program.

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