Why you should be thinking about memberships, too

Memberships change everything. Many publishers have already jumped on the bandwagon: big media entities like The Guardian and de Correspondent for example,  but also many smaller projects like the magazine and platform gal-dem, the music magazine The Quietus or the podcast Black History Buff. Here are three reasons why you should be thinking about memberships, too.

1. You’ll gain independence

Members support you with regular payments, but also with knowledge, ideas and suggestions. This brings you a sustainable income, while building trust and enabling you to work independently. More about how memberships work.

2. Your community is happy to support you

If you have a loyal community, they will be willing to pay, simply because they like you and your work, trust you and want to see your project thrive. But there are many other reasons why your community is happy to support you.

3. You don’t need to do anything extra

Some publishers dream up all kinds of goodies to thank their members, but they can also get carried away. In our experience, benefits can work well, but they’re not a must. Your community is keen to support you because of what you are already doing. So feel free to come as you are – you can always think of the extras later.

How Frank Joung (Halb Katoffl) overcame his initial membership doubts

In this guest article Frank talks about his podcast’s membership program and explains why people pay for his podcast even though they could listen to it for free.

Feel like your audience hasn’t really become a community yet? Or that you aren’t reaching enough people to start a membership program? No worries! In our Independent Media Community you will find curated threads with guidance on increasing your reach and forming a stronger bond with your fans.

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