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    Table of Contents

    What you can expect in the Steady Whitepaper on Memberships

    I. Memberships are the future for media makers and creative people

    1.Memberships revolutionize the independent media landscape

    Memberships are more sustainable than donations, more personal than subscriptions and allow media makers to remain independent of advertising and large corporations.

    2. People are happy to pay for what is important to them

    A quarter of German media users have already paid for journalism online. And the younger they are, the more likely they are to pay.

    3. Memberships work across media of various sizes and business models

    From niche media projects to behemoths like the Guardian, memberships are empowering publishers of all sizes to keep producing great work.

    4. How the membership model works

    Memberships enable media makers and creative people to get support from their most loyal readers, listeners and viewers. It’s all about passion, participation and privileges.

    Vintage-style postcard reading "Memberships are the Future".

    II. Turning a community into paying members – how does it work?

    5. Anyone can offer memberships – there are just two boxes to check

    Do you already publish content regularly and have a dedicated audience? Then you’re just about there.

    6. Steady does the hard work for media makers

    Save time and stress: Steady combines marketing, software development, accounting and design so you can quickly set up your membership program and get back to what you do best.

    7. What Steady has to offer

    Customizable pricing and member benefits, plus a whole raft of features for integrating your membership program into your own website.

    8. More than 500 Steady publishers are successful with memberships

    At Steady, tens of thousands of members already support the independent media projects they don’t want to do without.

    9. How much can media makers earn on Steady?

    5x5x5: Use our easy calculator to find out how much you can earn with memberships.

    10. With Steady, there isn’t one ideal membership program, but four (at least)

    See which membership strategies have worked best for successful publishers and find out which of the four membership models will work best for your publication.

    11. Steady only charges publishers, once they earn something

    Learn more about our pricing. There’s no risk involved in signing up for Steady, because we won’t charge you until you start earning yourself.

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