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Independent media accelerator

Give your favorite publishers the gift of your support

Whether it’s an online magazine, blog or podcast: For the Independent Media Accelerator, we’re looking for publications creating unique content that you don’t want to live without. Help pave their way to a sustainable future.


Memberships give independent publishers the freedom to do what they love and the means to make it even better.

In collaboration with international experts from The Guardian, European Journalism Centre and Membership Puzzle, the European membership platform Steady is searching for publications to experience the innovative power of memberships. Our judges will select three publications to join the inaugural Independent Media Accelerator.

The Future for Independent Media

Memberships are the key to a media landscape filled with diverse, independent voices. Members are loyal and committed — they offer sustainable support to independent publishers because they love to see them thriving.

Give Them A Boost

Nominate by December 1. Three Publications will win our expert support and a funding boost to go with it.

The Independent Media Accelerator will help with all the important questions:
How can memberships work for them and their community?
What should they offer their members? What are the right prices?
How should they launch? And what marketing tools can they use?

We’ll build, prepare and launch their membership program

Steady’s support includes member research, mentorship and on-the-ground-training, either in their own workspace or at our office in Berlin. Together, we will build their membership program all the way from zero to earning their first member revenues in just three months.

We’ll take care of technology and integration

We will assist them with the integration of our membership technology – billing, payments, landing pages, email notifications and more – into their existing systems.

We’ll give them some funds to help them get started

Winning publications will receive 2,500 euros as an expense budget to spend on anything they need to get their membership program off the ground. In addition, we’ll waive our fees (usually 10% of their revenue) for the first six months.

The Criteria

We are looking for publications…

  • That are based in a European country, not affiliated with a traditional publishing company
  • That want to connect with their audience and collaborate with them
  • That already have a community and reach more than 10,000 people per week (across email, social media and their website or channel)
  • That are prepared to start a membership program using Steady within the next three months. 

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

The Judges

Three experts will decide the winners

Ben Whitelaw

Engagement Lead at
the European Journalism Centre

Ben is a journalist and digital strategist with great insights into membership processes and opportunities. He works on EJC’s Engaged Journalism Accelerator.

Ariel Zirulnick

Fund Director at the
Membership Puzzle Project

Ariel runs the Membership in News Fund to support global experimentation with memberships in newsrooms as a new source of sustainable income.

Amanda Michel

Global Contributions Director
at The Guardian

Amanda has played a vital role in establishing The Guardians successful membership program. She is an expert on new business models for journalism.

What is Steady?

Why we do what we do

At Steady, we enable people to support the projects they can’t do without, from independent media to podcasts, videos to open source code. Because good work deserves more than a like. More than 40,000 members support Steady projects and we’re growing every day. Find out more about us.

Ready. Steady. Grow.

Submit your favorite Publication by December 1.
Winners will be announced on December 15.

Still Have Questions?

Lorcan Fidgeon
Publisher Success

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You can download the IMA Rules and Regulations (pdf).