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The Future for Independent Video Creators

YouTube has revolutionized the world by offering creative geniuses the tools to market and monetize their craft. Memberships are the natural extension to the YouTube universe. Diversify your revenue stream and add an extra layer of engagement.

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Why memberships are a no-brainer for video creators

Content is King

Create content you really want to without fretting about reach. Memberships leverage engagement not reach, which means you don’t have to be a certain size before you can benefit from them.

Engagement Level: Pro

Your members are your most engaged fans. They want to see you succeed. Steady offers you the tools to identify those super-fans and talk to them directly.

Diversify your income

Memberships give you some protection from the uncertainties of ad-revenue, strikes or demonetization.

Launch Your Membership Program in 3 Steps

Step 1: Ask Your Community:
Not sure if your community will support you? Wondering what benefits your members will value or if you even need to offer any? Why make assumptions when you can ask? Here’s a sample survey.

Step 2: Start Your Steady Project:
Create & personalize your Steady page. It only takes 7 minutes. Our support team is on standby to assist you, but we bet you won’t need it.

Step 3: Take on the World:
Time to make some noise! Link to your Steady page wherever you can. Steady is an authorized crowdfunding site on YouTube – add Steady as a card. Add a link to your About page; post about it on all channels and talk about it in your videos. We’ve found that the key to a successful membership program is subtle, regular nudges in the right direction.

Top Resources for Video Creators

In the Steady Launchpad we share everything we know about memberships – everything you need to get your own membership project off the ground. Here are three items selected for you:

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